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In this remarkable book Dr. White traces the popular Tarot cards back thousands of years to find their origins. He presents new linguistic, archaeological, and literary evidence for the historical evolution of the cards. The multi-cultural odyssey that brought to us the modern Tarot deck and many forms of popular playing cards bears with it extraordinary secrets from our ancient past that will definitely amaze you. Many of these secrets have never before been published. You can order the book in hardcopy (see ordering instructions on main page) or download the chapters in pdf format from the files listed below by chapter.

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Chapters and Sections

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***Dedication, Preface/Postface: What is Intuition?

***Historical Background

***The Hanged Man System and the Egyptian Connection

***The Major Arcana

***Some Major Arcana Layouts

***Introduction to the Minor Arcana and the Perpetual Tarot Calendar

***Minor Arcana: Cups and Discs

***Minor Arcana: Wands and Swords

***Index of Minors, How to Read Cards, Many Layouts

***Sentomancy: The Tarot Game in Ancient Egypt

***Mehen, Khnemu, Baba, and the Weighing of the Heart

***Khnemu and the Wheel of Fortune; Ancient Egyptian Tarot Cards and Egyptian Scarab Seals

***Moses and the Ten Commandments; The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus

***The Hunefer Papyrus

***Reference Materials

***Egyptian Style Tarot Cards: A special Egyptian Tarot Deck is now available in English and Chinese. The English edition costs $20 USD and includes a detailed instruction booklet. The Chinese edition includes a 250 page illustrated book and a large Senet Tarot Oracle Game Board poster as well as a velvet card bag.  For details visit the Sacred Scarab Institute store.

(c) Douglass A. White, 2005. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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***Runes from the Pyramids

***Egyptian Astrology: The Ancient Decan System

***Egyptian Astrology: The Ancient Decan System Continued

*** The Message of the Senet Board by D. A. White. In this article the author deciphers an amazing message concealed in the sacred Senet Board used by the ancient Egyptians and carried over into the Biblical tradition of the Jews and Christians during the transition from classical Egyptian culture to the medieval Qabbalah. This message unfolds major secrets of the Bible.

*** "From Ancient Egypt to the Qabbalah: The Great Transmission" by D. A. White. This paper uncovers codes and other clues in the Bible, the Sepher Yetzirah, and other documents that suggest how great secrets from ancient Egyptian civilization were transmitted to the Judeo-Christian heritage and encoded in the Bible.

***"The Semna Stela of Sen-User-t III" by D. A. White. This paper contains Breasted's translation of the stela and Dr. White's deciphering of the deeper meanings of this remarkable text.

The Internet now has a growing number of wonderful resources on ancient Egypt. One that you should not miss is Thierry Benderitter's He has a treasure trove of photographic tours of the best sites. Included is a detailed photographic tour of Inherkhau's tomb including the wall mural on which the Game Text appears. Inherkhau359. Also be sure to check out the 3D graphics of several important tombs that Jon Hirst has created for the site. They point the way toward the future virtual resurrection of ancient Egypt's great culture. I look forward not only to visiting all the great tombs, but also the great temples, pyramids and other remarkable sites in a magnificent virtual world of ancient Egypt recreated for the pleasure and enlightenment of all by the masters of ancient and modern technology. They can not only be presented in virtual space much as they are now, they can be fully restored to all their original glory with the help of Egyptologists and dedicated artists. And that is just the beginning of what is possible with our modern technologies.